Click to enlargeWood Preen Liquid Floor Wax - 1 quart (32 oz.) Can

WOOD PREEN is one of those great products that should be sold on every street corner but for some reason is just impossible to find. We have added Wood Preen to our line of products and can ship immediatly for your household needs.

Wood Preen cleans as it waxes with dry-cleaning agents that have been blended with liquid paste waxes to clean your floors, cabinets and paneling, penetrating and feeding the wood. Because Wood Preen contains no synthetic resins, you can buff and rebuff to give your paneling, cabinets or floors a deep, rich glow. OTHER USES FOR WOOD PREEN: Countertops, Slate, Hearthstones, Venetian Blinds, Banisters, Sticking Windows, Drawers and Doors. Will protect all outdoor wood, aluminum storm sash and Doors, garden tools and leather.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.