Click to enlargePre-Lim Surface Cleaner - 200ml

A mildly abrasive, creamy paste designed for non-scratch cleaning, stain removal and freshening of many surfaces, especially metals and enamels. In addition it can be used for china, feathering repairs to ceramics, air-brushed glazed surfaces and creates a fantastic "brushed finish" for metals (i.e. knife blades). PRE-LIM produces a brilliant silky, smooth finish.

Its formulation is based on a blend of Neuburg silica chalks in a buffered emulsion of petroleum distillates (white spirit) and water, with emulsifier and thickener. It is "benign," with no notable health hazards and is non-flammable. Protective clothing is not required.

Apply with a soft rag, rubbing gently but effectively; controlled by pressure applied. After a few minutes of air-drying the residual chalky deposit is easily cleaned off with a new soft rag/cloth.

Shelf life is excellent when the product is stored in air-tight container at normal room temperature or colder.

PRE-LIM (short for "preliminary") was formulated and launched in 1970 by Picreator Enterprises, Ltd., London, England (the manufacturer of "RENAISSANCE" and other materials for professional conservation and restoration]. It is used in the arms and armories, specialist clubs, various institutions, private individuals, etc...worldwide.

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